Munger, Chadwick, & Denker, P.L.C. is a leader in the areas of utilities, telecommunications, energy, and water law.  The firm regularly provides representation to clients needing such expertise at the Arizona Corporation Commission, the Arizona Department of Water Resources, the Arizona Power Plant and Transmission Line Siting Committee, and in the Courts, as well as in transactional matters and general representation.  The firm literally has decades of experience in these areas, and has represented a broad range of clients, from some of the largest in the country to small local companies and individuals, in a wide variety of areas.

Water. In the area of water law, the firm’s knowledge and expertise includes both substantive groundwater and surface water law, as well as water utilities law.  The services offered include transactional, administrative process and litigation.  While some firms offer services either in the area of substantive water rights or in the area of water utilities representation, Munger, Chadwick, & Denker, P.L.C. offers representation in both areas and has done so for many years. The firm has represented numerous developers, water utility companies, ranching, farming and other interests in acquiring or retaining water rights and/or establishing water utilities.

Electric and Gas. Similarly, the firm has substantial expertise in representing electric and gas utilities.  The firm regularly works with general counsel for such utilities to provide regional representation in a wide variety of areas.  In addition, the firm has been very active in the electric deregulation process in Arizona, representing certain new market entrants, and is a major legal resource on such issues.

Telecommunications.  Munger, Chadwick, & Denker, P.L.C. is also proud to represent several companies operating in the telecommunications area, including telephone, cable, and television entertainment companies.  This representation also covers a broad area.  Our attorneys have acted as either in house or out of house counsel for several of such companies and, as such, have provided a full array of legal services in this highly technological area.

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