A good mediator must be more than a mere conduit of information between the parties.  Instead, a mediator should work with each side confidentially, compassionately, and with respect for their concerns.  Mediators at Munger, Chadwick, & Denker, P.L.C. will advise each party of its strengths as well as its weaknesses and help both sides assess their  probabilities of success.  This will help the parties to reach a reasonable settlement based on the realities of the case.  By the time a mediation is completed, either the case should have settled, or, at minimum, each party will have received a thoughtful and sensitive assessment of its probabilities  of success or failure – itself a valuable tool in proceeding with any case.


Whether for mediation or arbitration, you need someone who has been in your position,.  You need someone who deals thoughtfully and compassionately with your clients.  Someone like Munger, Chadwick, & Denker, P.L.C.


When disputes, conflicts, and litigation comes up, you need an interpreter who can dial back to the actual meaning of laws, rules, and agreements. Someone in Phoenix, Tucson, and Southern Arizona who can make sense of everything and get everyone back on track. Someone like Munger, Chadwick, & Denker, P.L.C.


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