One of the most unique aspects of Munger, Chadwick, & Denker, P.L.C. services is our ability to assist clients who encounter International estate disputes, family disputes, or child abduction problems. Sadly, with increased mobility of people everywhere, families often become involved in these types of international disputes, and they find they are confounded by the complexities of such international disputes which will inevitably involve parties or issues in foreign countries, parties in the U.S., and the overlapping issues of International Law in the form of International Conventions, treaties, and agreements.

Our knowledge of international law, as well as litigation, and our linguistic knowledge (fluencies in English, Spanish, French, Czech, German, Arabic, and Russian) allow us to untangle these disputes and resolve them. We do not do estate planning or divorces; those will be handled by qualified estate planners or family lawyers. Yet, when a child is abducted internationally by one parent, or estate rights are disputed by parties from different countries, or other family issues are found to involve questions of International Law, our knowledge of International Law, Conventions, Treaties, Immigration Law, and dispute resolution forums and mechanisms can give powerful assistance to our clients.

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