When litigation becomes necessary, whether in the courtroom or in an administrative hearing, Munger, Chadwick, & Denker, P.L.C. recognized strength and expertise greatly increases your chances for a positive outcome. The Firm has a statewide litigation presence,  with extensive experience in both state and federal courts. Furthermore, unique to Munger, Chadwick, & Denker, P.L.C. is our ability to seek resolution by lobbying for changes in  State or Federal laws or regulations. Munger, Chadwick, & Denker, P.L.C. handles a myriad of business, contract, real estate, debt collection, tax, construction, and many other litigation cases. This technical expertise translates into aggressive advocacy. Historically, Munger, Chadwick, & Denker, P.L.C. has represented corporations, individuals, partnerships, trusts and limited liability companies, including banks and mortgage companies, as well as shareholders, officers, and directors in litigation involving a multitude of corporate, commercial, and banking issues. Munger, Chadwick, & Denker, P.L.C. has an active litigation practice in the area of employment law. The practice consists substantially of defending and advising business clients in all types of contract, tort, employment, discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination disputes brought by employees. The Firm also represents employees, in appropriate cases. The Firm has litigated a variety of issues involving securities fraud. It has defended individuals in actions brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission and represented plaintiffs in claims against parties involved in the purchase or sale of securities. Munger, Chadwick, & Denker, P.L.C. is experienced in the defense of errors and omissions and other insurance cases. The Firm has a great deal of experience in claims involving professionals, such as realtors, architects, engineers, accountants, and general contractors. In addition, Munger, Chadwick, & Denker, P.L.C. has defended cases involving allegations of severe and complex psychological and medical injuries and allegations of physical and bodily injury. The Firm has been engaged from time to time by several insurance companies to defend insureds in the above areas.

Munger, Chadwick, & Denker, P.L.C. has been very active in the litigation of intellectual property issues, including trademark infringement, enforcement of non-compete provisions, and trade secrets. These cases have  involved employment, sale of businesses, and franchise and licensing disputes.

The Firm provides high quality cost-effective litigation services in a large number of practice areas, including complex commercial issues. We would be pleased to discuss your problem with you. We invite you call or e-mail us at any time. Our general e-mail address is: m-c@mungerchadwick.com

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