Whether for straight transactional work or the business litigation, Munger, Chadwick, & Denker, P.L.C. team of business lawyers focus on understanding our clients’ goals and concerns, and work closely with our clients to achieve clients’ goals and solve their concerns. We work hard to be easily accessible, easy to talk to, and to work as quickly as possible so that our clients’ projects are handled efficiently and with a standard of excellence that our clients have come to expect. At Munger Chadwick, we provide decades of experience in solving a wide area of business problems. This allows us to quickly understand and deal with our clients’ needs and concerns, both efficiently and at reasonable prices that reflect our quick understanding and ability to assist. Our clients are the direct beneficiaries of that experience.

We are able to work with our clients to identify and solve problems before litigation becomes necessary. For example, we can audit your business for compliance with current employment, administrative, or other laws and regulations. We can review your intellectual property procedures to ensure that your company is not disclosing trade secrets, and that your employees are not in a position to compete with you tomorrow. We can make sure that your contracts with your suppliers, distributors, and agents are current and binding.

If you are buying or selling your business, or just some assets, we can assist you in drafting agreements that accurately reflect the nature of the transaction, and that will protect your interests. We are well versed in lending, leasing, and securitizing assets.

We have drafted and reviewed thousands of business contracts of all types, for virtually every type of business entities, including but not limited to banks and various types of mortgage and financing companies, car dealerships, high tech companies, doctors,dentists, engineers, architects and other professionals, construction companies, subcontractors and suppliers, utility and energy companies, printing companies, real estate developers, realtors, artists and publishers, and many more.

There is no better place to find exceptional legal quality and experience for your business needs, combined with personal service and accessability, all at a price well within reason,than Munger Chadwick.

We would be pleased to respond to further inquiries about our firm’s capabilities in all areas of Business Law. We invite you to call or e-mail us at any time. Our general e-mail address is:

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